Badfinger is seeing a serious resurgance in popularity ever since the Breaking Bad series finale, but it almost didn't happen.

Breaking Bad music supervisor Thomas Golubic tells Rolling Stone Magazine that he “wasn’t completely sold” when show creator Vince Gilligan wanted to use the Badfinger song Baby Blue for the final scene of the show.

Thomas said he thought that the track was, “an odd little love song” and it wasn’t right for the show. He said he kept trying to sell Vince on other songs with the word “blue” in them, but Vince wasn’t having it.

Thomas admits that he finally understood it when everything came together at the end and said that the show was “a love affair story of Walt and his love of science” and “his greatest triumph as a chemist.”

Another song, the Marty Robbins classic, El Paso was also written into the show, but no word on if that song is also seeing a huge resurgence in popularity as well.

The series finale aired Sunday on AMC to record setting ratings. I don’t think anyone really wanted it to end, and I certainly didn’t want it to end this way, but it’s not my call. Is it wrong I had a lump in my throat?

Here’s the last 15 minutes of the show.