It's the latest thing; beers inspired by popular TV shows. We've had to endure Iron Throne (Game of Thrones from Ommegang), Duff Beer (Available at Universal Studios FLA), and for Trekkers; Romulan Ale (OK so I actually own a six-pack of that). Now comes Marble, occasionally featured in Breaking Bad, with their take on the craft-beer-meets-tv-show market. The Albuquerque-based brewery has cooked up an India Black Ale, appropriately dubbed Heisenberg's Dark, that will debut to coincide with the show's final episodes.

They revealed the announcement on their Instagram account with a snap of Bryan Cranston and Jonathon Banks enjoying a cold one with a fan. I'm not a big fan of the real dark India's, but one has to try it... but only if the first one is free.

I just thank the stars that they didn't name it Schraderbrau, because I don't need midnight beer explosions in my garage, thank you very much.