The singer and Guitar God attended the address as a special guest of a representative from Texas and while Ted didn’t cause any problems during the address, he did take to Twitter to tell his followers exactly what he thought. 

In his speech, President Barack Obama said that the state of the union was “good” and that America is making a steady economic recovery, but we need to do better and he also said that the nation is stronger than it was four years ago. The president also touched on the recent mass shootings in Newtown and Aurora and spoke about former Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords who was shot in the head and about a young girl from Chicago who was shot to death in a park near where President Obama keeps a home. The young lady had just performed with her school at the inauguration a few weeks ago. He said that all of those people “deserve a vote” regarding stricter gun laws. The president also said that we don’t need “bigger government” and what we do need is “a smarter government” and called for cooperation from both sides of the aisle regarding proposals he laid out for creating new jobs and raising the minimum wage.

Ted is extremely outspoken when it comes to the president and his politics and was even paid a visit by the Secret Service after launching a tirade against certain government officials at the NRA convention in April of last year and urged voters to “chop their heads off” in the November election. He explained that he wasn’t wishing anyone harm and that everything is cool now.

After the speech was over, Ted tweeted, “it deeply pains me to report that the prez is a master scam artist-didn’t believe a word.” You can keep up with Ted and his tweets HERE.