A lawsuit stemming from Bret's injury during the 2009 Tony Awards ceremony is being called "desperate". So, who's suing who this time? 

You may or may not remember this, but back in 2009, Bret Michaels performed at the Tony Awards with the cast of the Broadway smash Rock of Ages. At the end of the number, Bret was flattened by a large sign and sustained several facial injuries including a broken nose and a busted lip, so he sued CBS and Tony Award Productions. Then, six months after the accident, Bret suffered a near fatal brain hemorrhage which he blames solely on his injuries stemming from the accident.

Now, a Third Party Complaint has been filed by CBS and Tony Award Productions against the producers of Rock of Ages. Bret's lawyer is calling the lawsuit, "a desperate act". Attorney Alex Weingarten is alleging that the defendants are trying to shift blame for what happened to Bret. Tony Awards producers claim that Bret missed his mark, while Bret and Weingarten say that Bret was not given any further instructions on how to exit the stage other than "exit stage rear" when the number was over. Bret says he was just following what he was told and was injured due to their negligence.

Weingarten wants to make it clear that it was not Bret who took action against the musical and that Bret has, "nothing but the utmost respect" for the 80's centered rock show and the performers who were on stage with him the night of the accident.

Bret seems to have fully recovered from his injuries. He helped revelers in New Orleans' French Quarter usher in Mardi Gras earlier today.