After initially saying he wouldn't sue the Tony's, Bret Michaels has reached an out of court settlement with the organizers of the Tony Awards.

Remember way back in 09' when the Poison frontman was knocked on his ass by moving scenery during the Tony Awards? The producers said Michaels screwed up his exit, which put him in the wrong place at the wrong time, but Brett insisted he'd never been told scenery would be lowered onto the stage immediately after his performance.

However, a a short while later,  Brett suffered a near fatal brain hemorrhage, which, according to the lawsuit he filed after recovering from it, was a result of the incident. The legal papers again insisted that the singer was given no warning about the scenery or the dangers it presented, adding that the sub-arachnoid hemorrhage was "at the hands of the Tony Awards".

Michaels will now receive an undisclosed sum, which a rep for the awards called "an amicable resolution".