There's so much I could say about Bruce Springsteen and his discography. I saw Bruce back in 1984 in the Twin cities and was blown away. Four hours of Bruce, got my money's worth two times over. His latest album 'High Hopes'.

Bruce has quite an extensive catalog with 16 studio albums, five live albums, he also has five 'greatest hits' compilations, three extended play releases, 44 video releases and 66 singles all on Columbia Records.

According to the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) shows figures of over 65-million album sales in the U.S. Total sales worldwide roughly 120-million.

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Bruce has managed to keep us on that steady stream of new material since his debut album in 1973.

New studio albums usually are made up of new music,however; for the first time in ages Bruce came out with an album of cover songs, songs recorded for previous albums but never made the cut and songs of new arrangements of previous releases. His new album 'High Hopes'. The album is primarily made up of bonus tracks.

With all the previous being said if you were looking to be dazzled by the new album, I think you find yourself disappointed. Now keep in mind it's not bad, after all it is Bruce. I'll just say 'High Hopes' is among the least of his inspired work.

Bruse Springsteen, "High Hopes":