Some people (lots of people) really love a great bar/pub to unwind in. They're great places to meet people, hang out with friends, enjoy a few drinks and have a great time.

Ever wonder what TripAdvisor considers to be the top three bar/pubs in St. Cloud? Check out the results HERE:

Tourists really do rely on TripAdvisor to help them find the best things to do while visiting a city. So it made me curious as to what they would consider to be the best bars to visit while in St. Cloud. Here is the top three:

  1. Boulder Tap House
  2. The Pickled Loon
  3. Brother's Bar and Grill

Do you agree with the choices TripAdvisor made? If not, tell us which bars/pubs you'd like to see get the recognition they deserve with our survey below.

Thanks, and have a great time checking out TripAdvisor's top three bars in person!

SOURCE: TripAdvisor