Baxter’s Morning Side Show

Baxter’s Remedial Driver’s Exam Pt 1
Most all St Cloud area drivers don't really need another driver's test. With that said, some really do need to be retested. I've taken the liberty of putting together a short driver's exam for those that need improvement.
Are St Cloud Millennials Freakin’ Cheapskate Tippers?
One more thing to blame on millennials. According to USA Today,  millennials may be killing the tipping process.According to there study, two thirds of millennials tip less than 20% when they are out. on the other hand half the people over 38 tip over 20%...
Alzheimer’s Ride for the Mind a Great Success
If you missed the Alzheimer's Ride for the Mind last Saturday, you missed a great time.. Alzheimer's is a horrible disease and Dale, Sally and a great group of volunteers were raising money to find a cure. What a great group of volunteers that put this ride together...
Baxter’s Attic, Band of Gypsys “Who Knows” (live)
This tune is from one of my favorite Jimi Hendrix albums ever. "Band of Gypsys Live at Fillmore East" recorded Dec 31st, 1969 & January 1st, 1970.  "Band of Gypsys" was Jimi's first album without his original group. Band of Gypsys with Hendrix on…

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