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The Coolest Prank EVER! [VIDEO]
Are you a prankster? It's not something I do often but ever once in a while I'll come up with a prank worth following through on. This husband pulled a prank on his wife that is so awesome to watch, but let me tell you - if someone tried to pull this on me, I'm not sure they would sur…
Fiat 500L to Offer an Espresso Machine
iPod capability, Bluetooth, in-car navigation, multimedia system and DVD players are kiddie play features compared to what Fiat has in store for their new 2013 Fiat 500L model. Drivers don’t want fancy gadgets while they’re driving. What do they want? Espressos. Fiat …
Travel Drunk for Free?
Airlines charge for everything these days, but there are a few airlines that will still serve you free booze!
Alex Chadwick Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]
Over 2 million people have given up 12 minutes of their time to watch this video, and it is so worth it! Alex Chadwick is a guitarist at the Chicago Music Exchange and in the video he plays 100 famous guitar riffs in one take.
Who is Van T. Barfoot?
The name Van T. Barfoot may not sound familiar to you, but his story is a good one that needs to be told.
Happy Flag Day!
Today is Flag Day. Do you know who created Flag Day? Do you know where the flag is never raised, never lowered and never saluted? How much do you know about the stars and stripes?

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