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Top Earning Dead Celebrities
Isn't it crazy when a celebrity passes away a lot of times they end up earning more money than when they were alive? I don't know, something just seems wrong about that - it's like, hey now that your dead, we actually care about what you've done and what you have...it's just not right. But nonethele…
Who is Queensryche?
Who is Queensryche? Is it Geoff Tate? Is it the remaining band members? Does this sound like Pink Floyd all over again?
Superman to Become a Blogger
Yet another indication that printed publications will soon be obsolete. It won't be long before all media platforms will go digital and Superman is getting a jump on the competition. Yes, Superman...well actually it's Clark Kent who will be quitting his job at 'The Daily Planet' …
Jimmy Kimmel Books David Letterman
Jimmy Kimmel is going to do his show 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' from the Brooklyn Academy of Music from October 29th - November 2nd and he has booked David Letterman as one of his guests.

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