Golf and Pigs… Frisky Pigs
Now... we realize that with the subject matter from last Friday, it was necessary for him to come up with something that wouldn't be offensive.
Johnny Umf’s Friday Attempt at a Joke
Every Friday around 7:35 on the Loon Morning Show, Johnny Umf attempts to tell a joke or two. Johnny is an aspiring comedian, in fact he's been aspiring for about 40 years. Luckily for Johnny, he has a day job but that won't stop him from spreading what he calls humor on our morning show..…
Baxter’s World, Another Attempt at a Joke
This morning I attempted to tell another joke since John Umf, our resident aspiring comedian couldn't make it in for Friday's Lame Joke.
Here's a copy of the joke in case you wish to share it:
A successful farmer named Alphonse died and left everything to his faithful wife Chasity...

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