Feeding the Homeless with Prankster Tom Mabe
Tom Mabe has been one of my favorite pranksters for many years.  Check out fro some of his hilarious pranks.  This prank is to feed a couple of homeless guys on the street.  It's really quite ingenious.
Comedy Legend, Don Rickles Dies at 90
Legendary insult comedian, Don Rickles has passed away from kidney failure, according to the Hollywood Reporter.  Don Rickles has been a mainstay in show business for decades.  Appearing for most of his career in Las Vegas. He hung out with all the biggies like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, …
Throwback Thursday, Hanging with Funnyman Sam Kinison
In the late eighties and early nineties, I worked for a great rock station WDIZ Rock 100 in Orlando, Florida.  One of my favorite experiences there was when I was assigned to keep Sam Kinison awake for the entire night.  You see, Sam had been scheduled to be on the morning show earlier tha…

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