My Moondance Jam Highlight, Sixx:A.M.
Lately, I rarely see a band I'm unfamiliar with that blows me away.  This past weekend at Moondance Jam, I saw a band called Sixx:A.M.  I had heard of them before, Nikki Sixx's (Motley Crue) side band.  They've been around since 2007 but I guess I really never paid them…
Moon over Moondance Jam 2016
A fitting picture for Moondance.  Chicago, on stage in this pic, was a real crowd favorite.
Tonight, BluesTraveler at 5, followed by Queensryche, Sixx:A.M. (Nikki Sixx's Side Band) and Boston wrapping up this year's Moondance Jam at 11...

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