It’s Take 103-7 the Loon to Work Day, Every Day
We certainly appreciate all of you that listen to the Loon at work every day. We realize a great many people really don't like their job and would rather be anywhere else. But ya gotta pay the bills,right? So, we are there with you to help you get through another day working for the man
The Best Part of Waking Up Is?
Well, that's easy! The best part of waking up is, I guess, just knowing you are still alive.. But..the 2nd best thing about waking up is, huh? Must be coffee. But, the 3rd best thing about waking up is listening to Baxter & Laura in the morning, unless you're getting lucky, then Ba…
Get Plowed Giveaway [CONTEST]
Winter will soon be here. And with it, all that damn snow. But if you're lucky, you won't have to worry about clearing snow from your driveway. Not if you win our Get Plowed Giveaway.
Listen All Next Week For Tickets To April Wine and Lita Ford!
All next week we'll be opening the Loon Ticket Window for you Loonatics to win tickets to see April Wine and Lita Ford in concert at the Medina Entertainment Center, September 30th at 8PM.
Promises to be a great show. True confession, I've always had kind of a crush on L…

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