Quiet Riot/Blackfoot Set to Rock You in January
Quiet Riot, with special guest Blackfoot, is set to rock the Medina Entertainment Center on January 27th.  Listen next month for the Loon Ticket Window to open and win tickets to this great show.
The LOON has all your concert tickets...
What’s Your Dream Getaway? Qualifying Starts Monday
Here at 103.7 The Loon, we're ready to make more dreams come true -- YOUR dream in fact! So far 18 lucky winners (all from Central Minnesota) have won the trip of their dreams from The Loon. What would be your Dream Getaway if money was no object? We start giving more t…
What Should Ava Be For Halloween? [VOTE!]
Here at Townsquare Media, we have a nationwide costume contest on Halloween this year - and I plan to win it! But, I do need some help deciding on what costume will get me the prize of #1.

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