Dear Baxter

Dear Baxter, Am I a Slut for Sleeping with Him on the First Date?
Dear Baxter,
My friends lined me up with a blind date.  We hit it off immediately and ended up in bed within an hour of meeting. We've now been together for several months and the relationship continues to blossom. I'm no slut but for some reason, that first night, things just seemed s…
Dear Baxter, What the Hell is a 710 Cap?
Dear Baxter,
My husband left this cap from my car and told me to order a new one. I called several auto parts stores and they had no idea what a 710 cap is.  I don't want to ask my husband because he thinks I'm stupid, so I want to do this on my own...
Dear Baxter, What The Hell Is A Couples Shower?
Hello Baxter,
Let me start with I'm a huge Vikings fan. Waiting for the season to start just about kills me. Yesterday, my wife informed me I would not be able to watch Monday's game because, get this, we will be attending a "couple's shower" that night...
Dear Baxter, Did I Marry a Slut?
Hey Baxter,
Recently, I traveled with my wife to her hometown of Hickman, Kentucky for her high school reunion. After several drinks, one of her classmates made a comment about my wife, in her younger days, slept with just about every guy in town...

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