Dear Baxter

Dear Baxter, My Girlfriend Smokes During Sex
I've never heard of this before but whenever my girlfriend and I are intimate she smokes.  I find this very unusual and distracting.  Any suggestions?
Jason   Waite Park, MN
Try some lube.  Hope this helps.
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Dear Baxter, All My Friends Keep Hitting on My Mom.
My friends are constantly hitting on my mom. At first it didn't bother me but it's gotten out of control. My mom is a single parent. They make a point to only come over when she's home. The jokes and lewd comments are really starting to bother me...
Dear Baxter, My Husband Wins Every Argument, What can I Do?
Dear Baxter,
Whenever my husband and I argue, I can never win because he just wears me down. Even after I've given up he just goes on and on.  What can I do?
Sharon,  St. Cloud
Hey Sharon,
I had to consult some other people on this one.  The be...
Dear Baxter, How Can You Tell if Your Girlfriend is Cheating?
I've been seeing this girl for a few months and at first things were great.  Lately, she seems to be busier than usual.  Some nights I can't get a hold of her.  One night I drove by her place and thought I saw my best friends car in front of her house...
Dear Baxter, Can a Boob Job Make You Stupid?
My girlfriend of 3 years just got a breast enlargement and while I'm thrilled with the results, I've noticed her IQ has seemed to drop quite a bit. Is it possible that this is a result of her surgery?  Can big boobs make you stupid...
Dear Baxter, My Sex Life Really Sucks!
Dear Baxter,
I'm an IT guy and work long hours.  I try to make time for sex but lately I've been avoiding it because it has become extremely boring.  I used to enjoy it but lately, not so much.  Any suggestions on how I can get back on track...
Dear Baxter, My New Girlfriend is a Chronic Farter
I recently started seeing a new girl and everything just seemed so perfect. I wondered how a woman as perfect as this could be single. Well, I soon found out. She is a chronic farter.  I don't mean just once in awhile.  I'm ta...

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