Deep Thoughts

Happy Flag Day!
Today is Flag Day. Do you know who created Flag Day? Do you know where the flag is never raised, never lowered and never saluted? How much do you know about the stars and stripes?
Happy Birthday Bonzo
Today would have been John Bonham's birthday. Here, a look at his life, how his son is keeping the family name alive and how drummers around the industry are celebrating what would have been his 64th birthday.
Elton John to Resume Performing
Elton John's health scare last week left his tour hanging in the balance, but the Rocket Man is on the mend and sounds like he may resume performing this week.
RIP Eugene J. Polley
The name Eugene J. Polley may not ring a bell to you, actually I would be surprised if it did, but I guarantee you you have used his creation - for most people, it's used multiple times per day.

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