Deep Thoughts

Get Your Name Travoltafied
No one's sure if the idiot ghost of Vinnie Barbarino suddenly took hold of him, or if it was just plain actor arrogance,
Did You See Those Two Sun Dogs This Morning? [PHOTOS]
Driving to work this morning, I noticed a couple of 'sun dogs' on either side of the sun. This occurrence is pretty rare. We see sun dogs frequently, but usually only one at a time, on the right or left of the sun. But today? One on each side.
Alice’s Restaurant – A LOON Thanksgiving Tradition [VIDEO]
We keep this one in the archives all year long (so it's been fermented to perfection), and break it out one day out of the year: Thanksgiving. If you're lucky enough to get on the road around Noon, you'll hear it on the air. But we know many of you are cooking or just plain carousing …

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