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Who is Queensryche?
Who is Queensryche? Is it Geoff Tate? Is it the remaining band members? Does this sound like Pink Floyd all over again?
Someone Had an Extra Big Bowl of DUM DUMS This Morning [VIDEO]
So, this lady calls into a Fargo radio station to suggest the DOT move the deer crossing signs somewhere where there is less traffic and not encourage the deer to cross in high traffic areas. Hard to believe someone can be sooo clueless.
Listen to the clip below...
America is the Land of the Free and Home of the Cheap… Beer
Numbers and charts are usually boring things reserved for sales meetings and discussions about market influence and other corporate blah blah blah. But, today? Today the numbers and charts show that here in America, we are blessed with the cheapest beer on the planet.
Cue the patriotic background mus…
Really? How Much Stuff Do You Need To Bring?
I was out driving a lot this past weekend and since it was one of the last beautiful weekends, it was clear everyone was anxious to get outside. I’m driving down the interstate, in the Right lane by the way; no Left lane cruising on my watch, and I notice this vehicle pulling a trail…
How The Players Can Solve The NFL-Ref’s Dispute [OPINION]
I'm no sports geek. I watch the Vikes on TV, I like seeing the games. I even own a couple of Vikings shirts that I wear for good luck on Sundays. But I'm no raging fan that paints their face and drives a purple hand-painted school bus. I'm not even a rabid enough fan to stop everything for a Monday …

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