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Give To The Max Day Is This Thursday
Minnesota’s nonprofit organizations are asking you to give to your favorite charities at during the third annual “Give to the Max Day” on Nov. 15th, with hopes of raising as much money as possible for nonprofit organizations in 24 hours.
Watch The Total Solar Eclipse [VIDEO]
The moon moved between our little blue marble and the fiery behemoth known as Sol earlier today, but because of where we live (and not the cloudy skies) we didn't see a hint of it...
I’ll Take My Guitar With a Whiskey Chaser – [PHOTOS]
It's well-known the effect a good shot of whiskey can have on the creative process... in particular music. It's been responsible for some of the greatest blues songs and the over-indulgence of said spirit can be attributed to a multitude of break-up songs... but what happens when the guita…
5 Weird Things Americans Voted on Yesterday
You might not know it from watching TV, but Americans also went to the polls on Tuesday to cast their votes on a myriad of issues not involving a certain residence on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. And some of those issues were a bit strange.
Is The Who’s Tour Doomed?
Pete Townshend left the stage before the show was over on The Who's opening date of their Quadrophenia Tour. The Who have a date scheduled for at the Target Center. Will they make it?
Can Christian Ponder Get Back on Track?
The biggest concern after the Vikings' 30-20 loss at Seattle Sunday is the performance or lack there of from quarterback Christian Ponder. Ponder looked tentative, apprehensive and lacked confidence. How do the Vikings and Ponder fix these problems?
Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney in New Video
It's the day before the election, and the Mitt Romney endorsements are flying in! The first came from Joss Whedon (who strongly believes Romney can jumpstart the zombie apocalypse). This one is from 'The Simpsons' bad guy Mr. Burns. Who's next? The Borg? Magneto?

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