Dream Getaway

The Best Part of Waking Up Is?
Well, that's easy! The best part of waking up is, I guess, just knowing you are still alive.. But..the 2nd best thing about waking up is, huh? Must be coffee. But, the 3rd best thing about waking up is listening to Baxter & Laura in the morning, unless you're getting lucky, then Ba…
Dream Getaway #28 Starts Up TODAY!
Twenty-seven lucky Loonatics have won from The Loon to go on the vacation of their dreams, and YOU could be next! Starting today (Yes, TODAY - October 16th, 2017), be listening around 7:20a, 12:20p and 4:20p to qualify for Dream Getaway #28!
Dream Getaway Starts Monday. Where Would You Go?
Monday we kick off another round of Dream Getaways with Dream Getaway #21.  Qualify weekdays at 7:20, 12:20 and 4:20 for your chance at winning a $4000 travel voucher from Bursch Travel.  You can just about go anywhere on the planet with $4000 to spend...
Dream Getaway # 18 Kicks Off Today. Where Would You Go?
Be listening for the cue to call and be the 10th caller and you will be a Dream Getaway qualifier for Dream Getaway # 18.  Rhonda Wohl won herself a Dream Getaway last week worth $4000.  Next time, it could be you.  Where would you go?
Congratulations to Our Dream Getaway #17 Winner, Rhonda Wohl
Dream getaway winner #17 is Rhonda Wohl of St Cloud.  Rhonda and her husband Todd are thinking about Mexico in February.  The next Dream Getaway could be yours.  Listen Monday to get qualified for Dream Getaway #18.  Dream Getaway #18 brought to you by LGS Electronics and Repair, Schepers Jewelers, …

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