Grandma Gets Sh*t Faced at the Zoo
Just a innocent family outing to the local zoo and this is why chimps are one of my favorite animals.  Evidently, this chimp was having a tough day at work.  Should be an easy gig, you know, just monkeying around all day. (sorry).  Anyway, as chimps will do sometimes, he tossed a hand…
Dear Baxter, My 86 Year Old Mother is a Pothead
Dear Baxter,
I recently made a long overdue trip to Colorado to visit my 86 year old mother.  I hadn't seen her for a couple of years and was shocked at her new lifestyle.  She now gets medical marijuana delivered to her home.  This shocked me...
3 Apps To Monitor Your Teen’s Phone
This is a very large debate these days, as children and teenagers use their phones for literally everything. So, where do parents go to make sure their kids are being safe? Check out these three apps you can download right now!
Dear Baxter, I Slept With My Fiance’s Mother
A couple of years ago, when I was working as a bartender, I hooked up with a very attractive, yet older woman.  It was just one night and I never saw her again.  That is until my fiance took me home to meet her parents.  It was very awkward and I could see the fear in her mothe…

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