Secrets People from Minnesota Won’t Easily Confess
If you don't know us very well, we're likely not going to tell you these 'Minnesota' secret things about us!
I love the website OnlyInYourState, and they recently hit the nail on the head with this article talking about confessions from people who live in Minnesota...
The Truth About 29 Misconceptions With Alcohol [VIDEO]
There are over a million beliefs on alcohol. From 'sucking on a penny will help you pass a breathalyzer test', to 'beer before liquor, never sicker' and 'drunken words are sober thoughts'. Thankfully, Mental Floss has released a video clearing up 29 of the mos…
Target Drive-Up Service?
We all know how it goes. We go into Target for one thing and come out with a dozen. Soon you may not even need to go inside to get your Target items!

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