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Dick Clark’s First and Last New Year’s Eve [VIDEO]
There is no doubt Dick Clark will be greatly missed by many people, and with his ties to St. Cloud it makes the loss of such an iconic man feel that much 'closer to home'. But I think what is going to be the hardest will be ringing in 2013 without Dick Clark.
Bob Marley Documentary to Stream on Facebook
There is a new Bob Marley documentary coming out next Friday (4/20/12) titled 'Marley'. Not only is the film going to hit theaters and video on demand, but it will be the first U.S. film to stream on Facebook at the same time.
Is Kristen Wiig Leaving ‘SNL’? [VIDEO]
It looks like this is true. For all you avid 'Saturday Night Live' watchers you know Kristen has been a huge part of the show for the past 7 years. But even if you don't tune in to the live sketch comedy series, you more than likely know who Kristen is from movies like 'Knocked U…
‘Titanic’ is back at Parkwood Cinemas Today – in 3D [VIDEO]
Next Sunday will mark 100 years since the Titanic disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean at 2:20 A.M. April 15th 1912. 'Titanic' first hit theaters in 1997, it was nominated for 14 Oscars and took home 11 of them. The epic movie grossed over $600 million at the domestic box office, and today (April 4) …

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