Loon After Hours

What’s The Best Sports Bar In St. Cloud?
Since moving back to Minnesota in late May I have been sampling sports bars in the St. Cloud area. CNN recently did an article on the 101 best sports bars in the U.S. Two in Minnesota made the list, one in Coon Rapids, one in Bloomington. Where's the top spot around here to watch the Vikes, Wil…
Smart People Drink More
Wow, according to this study I might be genius. Not a lot of research out there that would come to that conclusion. Scientists followed 3000 sets of twins, and found that the siblings who exhibited higher intelligence, started drinking earlier in life, and drink more now. Eureka!
Bad Times To Get A Tattoo (Even If You’re Miss Kansas)
I've got a couple of tattoos, and I have been thinking about getting another; something more significant than the first two. Miss Kansas was looking pretty good with her tattoos last night. Here are some suggestions on when NOT to get a tattoo. Hey, I'm looking out for you.