Charlie Sheen to be Roasted Monday.
No matter your opinion of Charlie, this roast is going to be f**king funny. Unfortunately, it's on at the same time as the "Two an a Half Men" premiere. So, I guess, one will have to be DVR'ed. DVRs ,by the way, are the greatest thing since Beano...
Steve Jobs Steps Down
Founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, resigned from his position yesterday - effective immediately. Jobs has been battling some health issues which are affecting his ability to uphold the duties expected of him.
U2’s Record Setting Show By The Numbers
U2 is just coming off their insanely successful 360 Tour and if you were lucky enough to get tickets, you were a part of history. The tour came to a close Saturday in Canada and it wasn't just U2's biggest tour ever. It just may be THEE biggest tour. Ever. Let's break it down.
Facebook Censors Album Cover
As the anniversary of Nirvana's epic release Nevermind approaches, there are more and more images of the iconic cover popping up all over the Internet, and Facebook has taken it upon themselves to censor it.

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