Former AC/DC Member Writing Memoir
They must have been inspired by Brian Johnson, or maybe they wanted some attention, too, but I'm actually intrigued and kind of want to read this one.
Timberwolves Fire Coach Rambis
Kurt Rambis was hired on as the head coach to the struggling Minnesota Timberwolves back in 2009, and needless to say our status in the NBA hasn't improved. He led the Wolves to an embarrassing 17-65 season last year, leaving the Minnesota team with the worst record in the NBA.  This morni…
Amazing Catch By A Fan At The Homerun Derby
Major League Baseball's All Star Week kicked off last night with the State Farm Homerun Derby in Arizona. Check out this video of a fan catching a homerun from Adrian Gonzalez. This guy is my new hero!
Space Shuttle Atlantis Makes Final Mission [VIDEO]
Early this morning the space shuttle Atlantis lifted off from NASA's spaceport in Cape Canavarel, Florida for the last time.  This ending a 30-year era of space flight. Check out the video from MSNBC covering this mornings press conference on the next page.
AARP Enters The Digital Music Age
Those AARP cards aren't just good for 20% off your early-bird dinner anymore. They're also good for free music as the AARP launches into the digital music age. If you're afraid of iTunes, this may be the service for you.
Online Okay, Offline..Kinda Creepy!
Facebook and Twitter make it easy to reach out and share details of our personal lives and we don't seem to think twice about it. Would we react the same if it were face to face? That's the purpose of this video. Kinda makes you think, doesn't it...
Lord Help Us! Sarah Palin is Not Qualified to be President [VIDEO]
If you know me, you know I really try to be fair with people. And I think I'm being perfectly fair when I say, Sarah Palin is a complete moron and I mean no disrespect to morons. You couldn't swing a dead moose without hitting someone more qualified to be President. Watch and listen to t…

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