Is That A Cucumber In Your Pocket?
As you well know, the Superbowl isn't about football anymore. It's about the money to be made on the single biggest world-wide audience of the year. Advertisers scrimp and save for this moment. They fire employees so they can afford an ad. They count on the creative geniuses at ad agencies to turn t…
Sloan’s Secret Stash – Little Feat
This week we're travelin' West, because a couple of you have had a craving for Little Feat. When listening to the original line-up on their self-titled first album, you'd never guess they were formed out of Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention.
“Nowhere Boy” Review [VIDEO]
Before there was Beatlemania. Before there was Yoko. Before there was Mark David Chapman. There was John Lennon, the boy. A true story of love and loss. Out on DVD now.
Pass It On: Marijuana Soda Pop
Everyday I have some 'desk work' to get done before I can go home and sit on the pot.
Also everyday, I (pretty much slam) a Pepsi, Coke or any other legal beverage.
BUT TODAY, I found a perfect alternative that would put the pot in my body thru my tummy, without the risk of cancer to my lung…
“Lights Out” S1E2 [VIDEO]
New episode tonight on FX at 9p. I'll have a review in the next couple days.  Til then, check out this fake doc that FX did. It's actually pretty convincing.

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