See the Other Things Facebook Changed on Your Profile
Earlier this week, Facebook changed all the default email addresses on its users’ profiles to a brand new address, Sneaky yes, but was it really that big of a deal? Probably not since very few people are ever going to navigate through a Facebook profile to get an email address when it…
Supreme Court Upholds Obama’s Health Care Law
The Obama administration got an enormous victory on Thursday when the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to uphold the President’s signature achievement: the 2010 health care law.
And in a surprise to many court watchers, it was Chief Justice John Roberts who sided with the more liberal justices…
Inmates Serenade Jerry Sandusky Upon Arrival in Jail
Jerry Sandusky can look forward to more than 400 years worth of Pink Floyd lyrics and it's not because he's stranded on a desert island and has Dark Side of the Moon in his survival kit. Although, being stranded on a desert island would probably be safer.
Graham Nash Writing New Memoir
Graham Nash is the latest classic rocker to score a deal to put his life into words. He's a great songwriter. Will his book be as good?
Heart to Release New Album and Memoir
Ann and Nancy Wilson are getting set to release a new record and a new book chronicling their lives and career. Are they naming names? Will Nancy talk about her divorce?

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