That Tag Says What?!
The tag on the inside of a pair of Chinos has sparked some controversy - with good reason! What was meant to be a joke, is really not so funny if you ask me. I consider myself pretty laid back when it comes to jokes - I'm not easily offended - but when a sexist "joke" like thi…
William Shatner Says He Is Misunderstood
William Shatner is a singer, in case you didn't know and he claims that his 1968 album was misunderstood and was not allowed to properly promote the record. Now that he has been killed off as The Priceline Negotiator, he's back to singing.
Gregg Allman’s Book Due This Spring
Gregg Allman has joined the ever growing list of rockers who are releasing autobiographies. What will he talk about, who will he name and when you can buy it.

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