Moondance Jam

Is Motley Crue Finished?
The latest string of incidents plus Nikki Sixx's recent comments have many wondering if Motley Crue is done for good.
Nikki Sixx Mulls Motley Crue Farewell Tour
All things considered, the last decade has been one of the more stable and harmonious stretches of Motley Crue's career -- which, ironically, might be part of why multiple members have been giving so much thought to laying the group to rest.
Moondance Jam’s Final Day Proves You Can Still Rock In America
The last day of Minnesota's biggest rock festival featured three American bands belting out three power chord anthems with America at their center. West Coast rockers Night Ranger, Flint, Michigan's Grand Funk Railroad and Seattle's Heart all broke out their well-honed radio hits and …
Day One of Moondance Jam Rocks Northern Minnesota
It was a perfect day for live rock and roll outside and under the stars in Walker, Minnesota. Moondance Jam's first day let loose the sounds of April Wine, Skid Row, Hinder and Kid Rock over the wooded glen near Leech Lake.
The Road To Moondance with Sloan
We're getting prepared to hit the first Jam of our festival season this weekend; Moondance Jam in Walker. I'll be doing my show from Moondance on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and recording 'during performance' updates for Baxter's Morning Show