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Most Men Fantasizing About Their Wives’ Friends
Just so you know, we are men and we are thinking about what your friends look like naked. (And you probably shouldn't be surprised.) More than two-thirds of me who responded to a survey by admit to fantasizing about their wives' friends.
Women Rate Men Higher in Bed Than Men Rate Themselves
What ever happened to men having the reputation of thinking of themselves as god's gift to women, the end-all-be-all of pleasure? According to a survey in the Paper Blog, men rated themselves at an average of 6 out of 10 in bed, while women scored us guys an average of 7.
Pre-Date Online Stalking: Everybody’s Doin’ It
If you've been on a first date lately, odds are that each of you did a little pre-date, online stalking of the other. We live in the information age, and it's hanging out there for all the world to see. says that 80% of us have admitted to gathering the info online.
Jennifer Lawrence Named Ultimate Hottie
Everyone has an opinion on who the sexiest, hottest, and most beautiful people are these days. If you have a magazine, TV show, or website, you're ranking the hotties. Huffington Post smashed all the lists together to find out who's the ultimate beauty; turned out to be Jennifer Lawrence.
Average Baseball Game Has Just 18 Minutes of Action
The number crunchers at the Wall Street Journal sat down with their VCRs, stopwatches, and pencils --- and watched hours and hours of sports. Their conclusion; the average 3-hour baseball game has just 18 minutes of actual action (which was better than football).

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