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Restaurant Industry Secrets Revealed
I love going to restaurants. Friends that have worked in the industry say that it's better not to look 'behind the curtain' to see what really goes on in kitchens. Despite the efforts of the powerful restaurant industry lobby's (???) attempts to stop us, here are a few …
Simple (Stupid) Tricks for Staying Cool
As the temperature, humidity, and heat index (or as Ashli would way-too-properly say 'heat indices') all climb this week in Central Minnesota, we thought we'd share some simple, stupid tricks for staying cool, courtesy of the Daily Mail.
Battle Traffic Headaches with New MnDOT App
Last week we learned that getting caught up in bad traffic is one of mankind's biggest frustrations. Here's something to help in that battle, a new mobile app from MnDOT that allows you to monitor traffic, accidents, closures, and conditions from your smartphone.
Guys Want to Stop Shopping After An Average of 26 Minutes
I like looking around a little bit, but make me start trying stuff on, and my shop-o-meter starts dropping like a rock. Turns out I'm pretty normal (not something usually said about me). The average guy has about 26 minutes of shopping in him.  Here's the problem:
15% of People Wish They Had Married Someone Else
"It's a nice day for a white wedding..." According to a story in Daily Mail, one in ten people feel like they're stuck in a 'loveless' marriage, and 15% wish they had tied the knot with a different person altogether. And, that doesn't mean everyone else is …

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