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Guess Who’s Coming Back to the Loon Morning Show?
It is my pleasure, with barely any reservations, to announce the return of Laura to the Loon Morning Show. Effective October 2nd, Laura will be returning after serving an eight year prison sentence for fatally strangling a spider monkey at the Minnesota Zoo...
Ingenious Pranksters Fill Friend’s House With Beer
In this hilarious video, a group of friends in New Zealand decide to rig the water lines in their buddy’s house so that beer came out of every tap in the house. Then, they set up dozens of cameras all over the house to catch his reaction. It’s a prank that will h…
7 Warning Signs That You’re Becoming A Grown-Up
You can't stop the march of time, or the accumulation of birthdays; but you can join me in the fight against growing up. I used to think that deep down inside I was 12, until a friend told me I reminded him of his 8-year-old. I took that as a compliment.
What Was Your Biggest Letdown When You Became An Adult?
Let's face it, growing up's not all it's cracked up to be. Broken dreams, crushed spirits, empty promises. I'm kidding (kind of), but we all have a list of letdowns based on expectations of what we thought becoming an adult meant. Here are the top disappointments.

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