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Unwritten Rules in Life We Should All Know
Today on the Morning Sideshow we've been discussing unwritten rules in life that we should all know and all agree on. These are rules that aren't open for discussion. Things like, 'if you're not passing someone, get out of the left lane.' But wait, there's more.
Both Men & Women Are Hot For Doctor
According to an article in Time, the vast majority of both men and women find doctors attractive. And when it comes to what kind of doctor is most dateable; the surgeon tops the list. Could it be because they are seen as being so good with their hands?
Most Women Would Dump You Over An Annoying Habit
According to a story on Your Tango, there are five things that are the biggest culprits when it comes to the crashing down of relationships. Now I'm not calling us shallow (yes I am), but 'Hogging the Remote' is among the top-5 reasons. Really? Here are the rest.
Couple Busted For Having Sex In Shed (At Home Depot)
Let this be a lesson. If you decide to have sex in a shed at Home Depot, expect to be talked about on the radio. That's just how it goes. And that's exactly what  20-year-old Emily Craig and her boyfriend, 31-year-old Shaun Bowden did last week in South Carolina.
What Items In Your House Might Be Spying On You?
Not to be all crazy kinds of paranoid, but according to a story in the Huffington Post, you may not be as secure at home as you think. Anything connected to a network can theoretically track your behavior, and be hacked into. You might be surprised at some of the culprits.
Men Prefer Women in Pajamas, Not Lingerie
A new survey that appears in Female First, reveals that most men prefer women clad in regular old pajamas over sexy lingerie. Good news for the flannel wearin' women here in Minnesota. Lace just doesn't get the job done on long January nights.
State Fair Attendance Down, Rolls Into Final Weekend
As the Minnesota State Fair rolls into it's final weekend, ending on Labor Day, reports are that attendance is down significantly, very likely due to the oppressive heat and humidity. If you can handle the weather, smaller crowds might be just what you're looking for.
TV News Bloopers Referring To Man Parts [VIDEO]
Sure, I know everybody makes mistakes, it's just that some mistakes make me laugh harder than others. These TV news bloopers, all in some way referring to man parts, are priceless and entertain my inner eight-year-old to no end. Enjoy.
Here Comes Labor Day (And Slack-Off Friday)
As we get ready for another long holiday weekend here in Central Minnesota we should be aware of two things: 1) On Friday our work is going to suffer because of Labor Day, and 2) On Monday our Labor Day is going to suffer because of our work.
Vikings Uniforms Ranked NFL’s 17th Best
Middle of the pack. Other than a good year or two, I feel like everything the Vikes do is 'middle of the pack.' Their record, fan loyalty (ranked 18th last week), and now even the uniforms. I know prettiest doesn't win, but coming in behind Cleveland? Really?!
This Is Why We Need To Hang Up And Pay Attention
When I had a motorcycle, I used to tell people that if I ever died on it, someone else's cell phone would be involved. Seriously, it's time to hang up and pay attention. Texting kills. Here's a video showing exactly what can happen -- even if you're only walking.

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