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Men In The Kitchen Drive Women Crazy
And, I don't mean that our cooking is so good that it turns them on. Nope, guys in the kitchen infuriates 'em. My first reaction is, "Fine, I'll stay out of the kitchen and you can do it yourself." Here are the top ten things we do in the kitchen that irritates …
The More Sex You Have, The More Money You Make
A German study that appeared in the New York Daily News has found that people (men, women, gay, straight -- doesn't matter) that have sex at least four times a week make a lot more money than their less-sexed counterparts. More sex = more money.
Mayo Clinic Says Too Much Coffee May Kill You
A study from our friends down in Rochester says that drinking more than four cups of coffee a day increases your risk of death by 50%. In the Courier Mail, researchers said that the evil effects of coffee's caffeine had the strongest effect on people under 55.
College Football 2013: Alabama Tops AP Preseason Poll
After back-to-back championships, Alabama is a heavy favorite this year to become the first team to win three straight titles, capturing 58 out of 60 first place votes in the AP’s preseason poll. But Ohio State, Oregon, Stanford and Georgia round out the top 5 and will be gunning for…
Danger: Facebook May Be Ruining Your Life
According to a story by AFP, Facebook may not only be driving your friends to hate you, it might also be driving YOU to hate you. Researchers say they're not sure why, but it appears the more you use Facebook, the less happy and less satisfied you become with your life.
Are You An ‘Average’ Dad? Find Out Here
Researchers rolled up their sleeves, and poked around to find out what makes up the 'average' dad. Turns out, the results were pretty, well, average. The average dad has two kids, drives a Ford, and gets home from work at 5:53. But wait, there's more.
Kiss Now Have Their Own Pro Football Team
Kiss founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are now among the owners of a professional football team, which will be called the LA Kiss and will use the band's famous logo on their helmets. We can only imagine what the uniforms are going to look like.

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