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Smokers & Drinkers Don’t Care About Health Risks
War on drugs. Just say no. Butt out. The Great American Smoke-Out. You name it, somebody's tried it. So despite all the health warnings, why haven't Americans stopped smoking, drinking, and doing drugs? Turns out, we don't care about the risks.
Interest In Sex Frequently Drops For New Dads
Information from WebMD says that new dads often experience a decrease in sexual desire and attraction to the mothers of their new babies. What was a surprise to researchers were the reasons behind the change. It wasn't a result in guys not being interested in sex.
Top Regrets of People Who Are Dying
Ok guys, I know; this is some morbid, depressing stuff. But, my hope is that we can avoid  these kind of regrets by learning from those who have gone before us. A story at details the top regrets of the dying.
Most Guys Unhappy About Still Paying For Dates
Is chivalry dead? How far does equality go? Call me old fashioned, but in general I think I still want to pay for the date. Not because I think I 'should,' but because it's fun and I want to. A new survey in the Daily Mail says I'm in the minority, with two-thirds of guys tired o…
Dog Owners More Likely To Have First Date Sex
Looks like us dog owners are more like our dogs than we may know. As it turns out we are eager to please (just like dogs), don't understand boundaries (just like dogs), and are more likely to have sex on the first date (just like dogs). Here's what it all means.
Why Would You Want To Go Without Coffee? (Here’s How)
It's hard enough to get started in the morning with coffee, let alone without it. I am addicted to having those first few cups to get the day started. Absolutely couldn't (and wouldn't want to) get along without it. Here are some tricks from Reddit if you're crazy enough to …
NFL Wants Even Less Celebrating
Once again, the NFL is cracking down on celebrations. Touchdown dances, sack celebrations, ball-spinning, even the military salute are all likely a thing of the past. Players are being warned that these celebrations (and more) will result in penalties this season.

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