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What Celebrity Would Most Guys Cheat With?
High-fives to Miley Cyrus, who according to, has been voted the most cheat-worthy celebrity for 2013 -- meaning she's the celeb most guys want to have an affair with. Miley grabbed 18.6% of the votes. Mila Kunis was second with 12.4%.
You Know You’re From Minnesota When…
We spent the entire morning today on The Loon finishing the sentence, "You Know You're From Minnesota When ______. In fact there's an entire website dedicated to the topic at Here are a few of our favorites from the site.
1 In 10 Have Gotten Nude In Public When Drunk
Here's a story custom made for a Friday. A new survey in the Daily Mail says that 10% of us have gotten nude in public when we were drunk. And according to the rest of theses stats, it's too bad we love alcohol so much, because it makes us do dumb stuff.
Study Shows Worst Hangovers Hit At Age 29
A study in the Daily Mail reveals that we suffer our worst hangovers when we are 29. The reason -- 'aging' (not to be confused with growing up). In our late 20s we try to drink like we did when we were younger, but our bodies just can't handle it anymore.
Would You Gain 25 Pounds to Erase Your Debt?
A survey by Credit Karma asked people if they'd be willing to gain 25 pounds in exchange for having their debt completely wiped out, and I have to say I am shocked that nearly 3/4 of them said 'no.' I though we'd all jump on an offer like that. Guess not.
Americans Think Rudeness Is An Epidemic In The US
A story that appears on PR Newswire, reveals that seventy percent of Americans say rudeness is becoming a 'national crisis,' and that the average person deals with 17 rude moments per week. What's getting the blame for all of the disrespect? The internet.
Seven Biggest Turn-Offs Before, During, and After Sex
As we all know, sex is more than just a physical act; the mental elements play just as big a role. Right mood, right frame of mind, right thoughts. Sometimes all it takes is one little thing to send the whole process into a tailspin. Here are the common culprits.
Slash Rocks Electronica at Ibiza Club
When Slash's kids get back to school in the fall and have to write about what they did on their summer vacation, we know at least one of the items on their list: traveling to the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, where their famous dad had some fun in the sun (and in a nightclub).

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