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What Would You Give Up For The Perfect Woman?
While we all define the 'perfect woman' differently, I was amazed to find out what we'd be willing to give up in order to have her in our lives. According to those folks over at Vanity Fair, we'd be willing to trade in our careers, homes, even dear old mom.
Half Of Us Have Had Sex In A Car
I guess I'm surprised the number isn't higher, but according to FemaleFirst, half of us have had sex in a car. Is that more or less safe than texting while driving? Actually 3% of those surveyed did say they've had sex while the car was moving.
Brewers Turn Ryan Braun’s Salary Over To The Fans
The suspension of Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun, for admitting to using performance enhancing drugs, means the team doesn't have to pay the remaining $3.1 million on his 2013 contract. Instead they're taking that money and giving it back to the fans.
Top Lies We Tell Ourselves
Liar, liar, pants on fire. It turns out we tell ourselves a few lies now and then. Hey, you do what you gotta do to say sane. Better yet, we end up believing most of our own lies that we're telling ourselves. Now that's crazy. Here are the top whoppers.
More Minnesota Men Getting Butt Implants (WTF?)
When did it come to this? According to a story in the New York Times, a lot of men are turning to plastic surgery to get 'butt implants,' finally getting the rear ends they have always wanted; fuller butts, not the skinny ones age has left them with.
What Age Are We The Happiest?
Are you 23? What about 69? If you answered 'yes' to either question, a new study suggests that you are at one of the two happiest times in your life? Are you 55? If that got  'yes' from you, then you are in the miserable section of your life. Sounds like fun.
The Workplace Is Basically Just Like High School
Drama, cliques, popularity contests, romance, peer pressure; could we be talking about high school? Nope. According to a new report by Career Builder, our workplaces feature all of this and more, making today's job just like high school all over again.
Employees Waste An Hour At Work Every Day
Yep, we're slackers; or at least we are for about an hour every day. What I find amusing is how we waste our valuable time. An article in Daily Mail lists the nine things that we do to regularly to cheat 'the man.' My first guess was Facebook.  Here's the list.

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