Bachman-Turner Cameo in Hit Comedy ‘The Campaign’
Has there ever been a song more co-opted as an anthem than Bachman-Turner Overdrive‘s ‘Taking Care of Business?’ The track, which even had a 1990 Jim Belushi comedy bearing its name, has certainly done quite well for Randy Bachman and Fred Turner over the years, and it ea…
Amanda Seyfried — Crush of the Day
We’ve been crushing on Amanda Seyfried for the better part of the last decade, ever since she stole a few scenes from her more famous co-stars in ‘Mean Girls.’ Her career has taken off in a big way since then, and she’s now at the top of the A-li…
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Batman
Some fans and pop culture junkies might like to think that Superman is the most timeless and iconic of all comic book super heroes, but even the man from Krypton who can bend steel with his bare hands doesn’t have the generational reach of Batman.
Claire Danes — Crush of the Day
We were crushing on Claire Danes back in the ‘90s, when ‘My So-Called Life’ premiered and taught us that TV could tell compelling and realistic stories about teens (and that not every high school on TV had to look like Bayside High). And guess what? We’re …

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