Ozzy Concert Headed to DVD
A vintage Ozzy Osbourne concert from the Diary of a Madman tour is headed to DVD and we have the release date and track listing.
Alice Cooper and Aerosmith Jam Out at Movie Premiere [VIDEO]
'Dark Shadows' is an upcoming movie based on a soap opera style television show that aired on ABC from 1966 - 1971. The movie version remake stars Johnny Depp and opens in theaters this Friday. The movie premiere party went down Monday night in L.A. and some big rockers hit the stage to ja…
Rush Receives Homeland Honor
Year after year, Rush gets snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but their home and native land continues to heap the accolades on them and you won't believe who got to give it to them.
Shaq Brings Home a College Degree
It's graduation season across the country. I know right here in St. Cloud many of you graduated this past weekend, and if you are one of them you share your grad date with basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal.
Case of Tuberculosis Reported at Apollo High School
ST. CLOUD – Officials at Apollo High School are dealing with a case of tuberculosis.
The school district released a statement saying a person at the school has been confirmed to have TB.  They say the individual is considered to be a low risk for infectiousness and has no symptoms, and no …

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