Thanks for a Great 1st Week! [VIDEO]
Exactly 1 week ago today I was adopted into this crazy Loon family, and into your homes, work, and cars. I couldn't be more lucky to be here and I just wanted to say "thank you" for all your support, phone calls and emails.
Styx Singer Lawrence Gowan Calls The Loon [AUDIO]
Styx is doing two shows in Minnesota this week and lead singer Lawrence Gowan called in to tell us all about touring, the bus fire, multi-generational fans, pranking the members of the band and crew and one of my favorite subjects: hockey.
Make a Tiff-Erence Photo Shoot Benefit
Most of you are well aware who Psychic Tiff is, she has been a large part of not only The Loon family but also the central Minnesota community for  many years. Tiffany is the definition of a do-gooder, she exudes love and compassion, and would literally do anything for anyone. Now it's our turn to h…

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