Frazier Continues To Patronize Vikings Fans
Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier is turning out to be the Troll King of Vikings fans. On Wednesday, Frazier inexplicably named Christian Ponder as his starting quarterback for Sunday's game at Green Bay.
Frazier's money quote was this: "I think Christian, he has had some…
Things More Popular Than Congress
As the government shut down drags on, Congress is quickly losing popularity. In fact, Congress has just a five percent approval rating. So, what's more popular than Congress right now? Think of the the thing you hate the most and it's probably on this list.
Really, Toilet Paper Commercials?
Have you noticed these ridiculous commercials about toilet paper lately? We have everything from kids jumping on clouds to bears cuddling with it. Why are bears involved in marketing toilet paper and since when is a bear cuddly? Let’s get realistic.

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