Don’t Make These Grilling Mistakes
It's Friday and that means weekend barbecues! Here are some things to do and some things not to do to make your grill the hottest spot in the neighborhood.
Really, Socks and Sandals?
Ok…what the hell is going on with this? Summer is barely here and I’m already seeing this horrible fashion trend. Who was the idiot that first decided that he would wear socks with sandals and why are people following this idea?
Really? Are You Really Too Busy?
Don’t you just love it when you ask someone to do a task and they give you a ten minute explanation of why they don’t have time? I had this happen to me last week and it took everything I had not to punch this guy in the gut.
Really? You Called Me Over For What?!
One of the many things that drive me crazy is when someone says, “Come here, you have to watch this video.” I instantly think, “Really? Do I? Do I seriously need to come over and watch this dumbass video? Exactly how much time is this one going to waste out of my li…
5 Things Bosses Do That Really Annoy Employees
We recently looked at some bad habits workers have that annoy their bosses, reduce productivity and prevent them from advancing up the career ladder. Now it's time to examine how bosses can spoil the workplace environment for their employees.
Really, Nonstop Misspellings?
Ok, come on. This one is just ridiculous! It’s almost too easy. You know those signs businesses sometimes put out front or alongside the highway or a road? The kind where someone can put the letters on it themselves?
Really? My Dog Doesn’t Like You?
I've finally been able to start going for walks again and getting my little pup out for some exercise and fresh air. He is really little and so damn cute that he’s kind of the hit of the neighborhood. People always stop us and comment and want to pet him.
WARNING: Your Poodles May Actually Be Rats, Sir. [VIDEO]
Let's begin by all agreeing that yes, miniature dogs resemble rats. Small. Yippie. Mean-spirited. Coveted by young Hollywood/Pop Stars. Immune to most types of nuclear radiation. But when rats begin to resemble dogs, well that's when the world starts getting w…

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