Really, Car Costumes?
A person can get a costume for almost anything these days, right? Adults, kids, pets, etc. However, I've seen people put weird and stupid things on their cars before, but this has to be near the top of dumb stuff.
Led Zeppelin Does Letterman [VIDEO]
In what I describe as "interesting", Led Zeppelin talked to David Letterman last night on The Late Show. While it wasn't fantastical, it was interesting.
Really? Why Do I Want to Puke as You Eat?
I was out at a restaurant for dinner a few nights ago and there was a couple next to me with such bad table manners, that I wanted to seriously hurt them. They get their meal and the entire time it’s, *smack, smack, smack* chewing with their mouths open and the food is actually falli…
Rolling Stones Talk About Their New Music
The Rolling Stones celebrated 50 years together this past summer and they're still cranking out the tunes. Here they discuss the new material and maybe drop some hints about their plans for 2013.
Really? You Gave Out WHAT For Halloween?
No one is forced to participate in Halloween, right? You could’ve easily left your outside lights off and you shouldn't have been bothered. However, if you chose to hand out candy last week or some sort of treat to kids, how about NOT handing out broccoli and carrots!?
Can Christian Ponder Get Back on Track?
The biggest concern after the Vikings' 30-20 loss at Seattle Sunday is the performance or lack there of from quarterback Christian Ponder. Ponder looked tentative, apprehensive and lacked confidence. How do the Vikings and Ponder fix these problems?
Really? Can You Say Walk of Shame?
I was out early last Sunday morning and it’s always kind of easy to pick these people out, but being there were lots of Halloween parties last weekend, made it even easier. There’s no other reason to see a woman, dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein, walking down t…
Really? Who Walks Into A Lamp Post?
I started a mentorship program over the summer and I actually had someone apply and get accepted into the program. She’s my only mentee at this time, but honestly, I couldn't even believe I got one.
Who is Queensryche?
Who is Queensryche? Is it Geoff Tate? Is it the remaining band members? Does this sound like Pink Floyd all over again?

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