Where Do I Go To Cast My Vote Early? [ANSWERS!]
This morning before work, I participated in democracy! And I did it all before the craziness of Election Day. Want to avoid the stress of trying to cast your vote on November 8th? Then get it done with Absentee Voting! Get the details on where you need to go HERE!
Master Debater’s Drinking Game for Tonight’s Debate
If you are into drinking games and are not steadfast on being conscious for the recap, this might be a great drinking game for tonight's debate.  Simply take a drink every time either candidate says any of the following:                                                                                …
Hillary, Trump, Equally Bad? Not Even Close.
I'm pretty sure I'll catch some flack for this but if you happen to be a Trump supporter, you've pretty much lost any credibility with me anyway.  I am so tired of hearing "both candidates are equally bad".  Nothing could be further from the truth...

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