How to Register to Vote in Minnesota
Election Day 2012 is November 6th. Are you registered to vote? If you are, you can make sure your registration is in order and find your polling place. You can even see what will be on your ballot. If you aren't registered to vote yet, no problem. Registering to vote in Minnesota is fast and…
Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney in New Video
It's the day before the election, and the Mitt Romney endorsements are flying in! The first came from Joss Whedon (who strongly believes Romney can jumpstart the zombie apocalypse). This one is from 'The Simpsons' bad guy Mr. Burns. Who's next? The Borg? Magneto?
Sartell High School Students on the 2012 Election [VIDEO]
With most young folks, the mainstream media isn't something they pay attention to, even though the political machine spends millions of dollars to influence their thinking. But exactly what are they are thinking? It's really a mystery to most. Until now.

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