Top Five Worst Christmas Gifts [POLL]
For some of us the Christmas deadline is looming and the need to get gifts is more urgent than ever. Unfortunately when under the gun we end up buying lame gifts. Here are five terrible Christmas gifts to give/receive.
Are Snow Days a Thing of the Past? [POLL]
We had our first snow day of the year this past Monday after we got dumped on, and most, if not all, schools in the area were cancelled.  If you're from Minnesota you know that these snow days can add up over the course of the  year,  and one local school principal  started …
Is the Internet the Most Essential Item in Your Daily Life? [POLL]
We all have things that we do daily that make our lives better.  Some of us have a daily routine that we do and if we don't do them the day seems off, as the routine sets the tone for the day.  In my case I MUST have coffee first thing in the morning.  This is probably the first …

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