Cracker Wars: Wheat Thins vs. Triscuits [POLL]
Debates get pretty heated here at the station, especially when it comes to good snack food. And the world almost stopped spinning when the question "What cracker is better? Wheat Thins or Triscuits?" was asked.
Who Are Worse Drivers? Minnesotans or Wisconsiners [POLL]
Every day, I have to drive 180 mi. round trip for work. With all that time on the road, I tend to notice some "bad" patterns. Maybe it's just me, but I think drivers with Wisconsin plates are horrible drivers! (Sorry!)
There has always been a crazy feud between Minnesota and Wi…
Which Vikings Loss Was The Biggest Heartbreaker? [Results]
Yesterday's loss to the Seattle Seahawks was nothing new to us, in fact -- after the disbelief subsided, I almost felt like it ended exactly as it should have (if history is any indicator). That's life as we purple-wearing' people know it. So which loss in Vikings history wa…

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