What Is a Hypocrite?
Webster’s Dictionary basically defines a hypocrite as someone who says one thing, but does another. In my dictionary, if you look up the word hypocrite, next to it is a picture of Colorado Avalanche’s Defender Erik Johnson.
Five Disgusting Smells You Actually Kinda Like [POLL]
We all have weird quirks about us that only we understand, and one of them just may be that fact that we actually like the smell of certain things that others may deem DISGUSTING.  Don't worry, if you see the list and realize you like a lot of these you are not a freak.  Well you migh…
Things Not To Do After The Age Fifty!
Remember the lyric in the song,"These are a few of my favorite Things?" from the 'Sound of Music?' well some things in your life you might have favorites but according to AARP there are some things we need to avoid after the age 50.

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